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ROCKBALM is the creation of Jennifer Sierzant. Jennifer is a practicing Naturopath in Montreal Canada and has been in private practice since 2011.



"I have a deep passion to change the world through healing because when one person is healed, they go on to instill that healing in others. I've been a vegetarian for a large part of my life and have always taught others to heal their bodies through kind living and eating.  Real beauty is not just about how clean we eat, but also about what we put on our skin. My own skincare routine always involved buying cruelty free, healthy and pure products so it was a natural transition for me to start creating my own products. 


I wanted to utilizing my skills as a Naturopath and create effective and healing recipes with ingredients that I use in my practice. I realized that I could create products that would not only benefit me, but also benefit others looking for organic and all-natural healing skincare. I started to create some really healing and "out of the box" products for myself and friends.  Then one thing led to another and a small on line skin care business as born. 


My clients are selective, discerning and they are very aware of what they are putting on their skin so I work hard at creating the most luxurious and healing products on the market today.  


Rockbalm serves famous musicians, models, moms, young women and anyone else who is ready to be part of the kind and healing revolution.  My products are not just about being fun, but are also about loving simple and common sense products that exist outside the box. ​


Love and Healing 

Jennifer Sierzant